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I enjoy using creativity

to solve problems.

Sean C Fong

Software Developer

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I am an undergraduate Computer Science student at University of California, Irvine. I strive to push past the limits of creating innovative and practical applications for everyone to use.

I spend my free time playing piano, experimenting with photography, building mechanical keyboards, and most importantly, socializing with all of my friends!

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Onions have layers.
Coders ought to have layers, too.
Shrek said it first.






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If paying rent feels like walking through a minefield


Satirical hackathon project that tells users to click anywhere on a map of Irvine that is not owned by the Irvine Company. But if they do, they have to pay a month's worth of rent.

Contributed by integrating Google Maps API from Google Cloud, managing API routes with Next.JS, managing UI/UX layouts, and incorporating Framer Motion for smooth gameplay.

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Envisioning a more streamlined experience


Collaborated with team to propose a redesign of UC Irvine's dated course registration system by designing a web application that delivers a more efficient and integrated user experience.
Contributed to developing a functioning responsive app prototype from wireframes within 48 hours, using modern web frameworks and tools, including Next.JS 13 and TypeScript.

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It's where all the ideas live


A personal blog website using Next.JS and Sanity CMS to document my development journey and share some interesting thoughts!

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Taking the classics for a spin

Hangman Roulette

I created a variation on the game of hangman by creating a voting system. I also mixed in a degree of thrill by randomizing whose vote gets chosen by having everyone's votes appear anonymously on a wheel and spinning it. Backend managed by running on an Express.JS server. Frontend created with Bootstrap for a streamlined appearance.

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The not-so-ordinary e-commerce shop


A prototype e-commerce website using Next.JS and Sanity CMS that specializes in creating unique products out of "recycled" PC cases. Integrated with Stripe for a speedy checkout process.

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